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    About the Cover

    This issue’s cover is compliments of Sheryll Garbe and is one of the many great wildlife photos she has taken; a new buffalo calf, born in pretty frosty spring conditions taken in the Sandhills of Nebraska, and being guarded by a group of very protective cows.

    After all we have gone through with COVID-19 with its related complications and disappointments to our lives, it seemed like a cover representing a new start in 2022, was in order. I think many of us in the shooting world are ready to move on, go to our favorite matches and begin to enjoy life once more. Hopefully, circumstances like COVID-19 won’t rear its ugly head for a while and we can get back to what we love; good competition with old friends and new acquaintances.

    This new buffalo calf represents a positive start and a future full of possibilities…thanks, Sheryll, for a great cover photo and a much needed shot of optimism.

    Wolfe Publishing Group