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    Black Powder Cartridge Winter 2019

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    Black Powder Cartridge Winter 2019

    This issue features Pedersoli’s, How I load the .45-90, Footnotes and Endnotes, Keeping up with the .44-70, Thoughts on Set Triggers, and much more.

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    Hanna's .41 and .45 Colts

    Dave Scovill

    On the drive home from our Kansas deer hunt this year, Roberta and I stopped to visit Charles Han... ...Read More >


    The Reloading Bench

    Steve Garbe

    For some reason, one of the hardest things to explain over the phone is the concept of pan-lubing... ...Read More >


    Greenhill, With a Twist

    Steve Garbe

    Sir Alfred George Greenhill’s famous formula for calculating the proper twist to provide stabiliz... ...Read More >

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    From the Editor

    The Danger of Tolerating Fools Gladly
    column by: Steve Garbe

    The wise saying, “Do not tolerate fools gladly,” has its origins in Saint Paul’s letter to the Church at Corinth. The King James Bible has the exact quote as, “For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are so wise.” Saint Paul was being cuttingly sarcastic to those he addressed, accusing them of being simply too weak to challenge obviously foolish behavior. Our contemporary use is defined as not putting up with the actions or words of foolish people. Either definition is thought provoking in these “interesting” times. ...Read More >


    About the Cover

    column by: Steve Garbe

    Our cover photograph in this issue comes from Fred Brouwer of the Netherlands and features USA team member Kenn Heismann doing his level best at the 12th MLAIC Long Range World Championships. The USA shooters finished with some impressive wins and kept alive the reputation of American excellence when it comes to accurate shooting and tough competitive spirit. We really applaud their exceptional efforts. ...Read More >


    Accuracy Test Part II

    Sharps Model 1851 "Slant-Breech" Carbine
    feature by: William P. Mapoles Photos by John Harriman

    In Black Powder Cartridge News (Fall 2019) No. 107 we examined the accuracy and shooting characteristics of the Sharps Model 1852 carbine, and now we will test the accuracy of the earlier and completely different Model 1851. I have never seen a thorough, modern accuracy test of the Model 1851, so I found a good ’51 to do some “experimental archaeology.” The question is, “How good did they really shoot?” ...Read More >


    Pedersoli's 1886 Sporting Classic

    feature by: Mike Nesbitt

    Pedersoli recently introduced another version of the old Winchester Model 1886, which they are calling the Model 1886 Sporting Classic. This new version represents the Winchester ’86 in its standard format, with no extra options, as it was when the original rifles first hit the market. The idea of no extra or added options really appeals to me because a rifle like this is probably what I would have bought if I had been a hunter back in those times. Even though Pedersoli has brought back the Model 1886 in its most standard version, this is still a copy of a rather rare rifle. ...Read More >

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