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    Black Powder Cartridge Spring 2021

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    Black Powder Cartridge Spring 2021

    This issue features Making an 8-Bore Westley Richards Explora Shoot, Be More Than a “Wannabe”, Black Powder .44-ing, Two Clever Cartridge Conversions, Hide-Hunting Tidbits, Comparison of Strength of Eighteenth-Century and Contemporary Black Powder: Eprouvette Data, Resizing Your Blowtube, and much more.

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    Determining Powder Charges

    Steve Garbe

    One of the commonly asked questions from new black powder shooters is: “How do I determine the am... ...Read More >


    Large Pistol Primers in Black Powder Loads

    Steve Garbe

    Lately, I have noticed some shooters talking on the internet about using large pistol primers in ... ...Read More >


    Hanna's .41 and .45 Colts

    Dave Scovill

    On the drive home from our Kansas deer hunt this year, Roberta and I stopped to visit Charles Han... ...Read More >

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    Making an 8-Bore Westley Richards Explora Shoot

    Fear and Loading with 273 Grains of Black Powder
    feature by: Mike Stumbo

    When a small financial windfall came my way, I spent it on a once in a lifetime hunt in Africa, as any reasonable person would. I consulted with a friend, a writer who has notched up numerous African adventures. On his advice, I booked 14 days with professional hunter Jofie Lamprecht at his camp on the Caprivi Strip in Namibia’s Zambezi Region. I decided to bring two rifles, one for Cape buffalo and the other for everything else. My consultant then decided he wanted another buffalo and invited himself along. Because this hunt wouldn’t be his first rodeo and he likes guns that speak to the history of safari, he came up with an 8-bore, black-powder double; a museum-grade Westley Richards “Explora.” (He borrowed it from a friend. We should all have such friends.) ...Read More >


    From the Editor

    "Even in Chaos . . ."
    column by: Steve Garbe

    I think one of the hardest things about producing a magazine, at least for me, is doing a relevant and timely editorial for each issue. This is especially difficult for a quarterly publication, as the news of the day can change so fast that the piece that you worked hard on to make “up to speed” on current events, a few days later sounds like you’ve been living under a rock. ...Read More >


    About the Cover

    column by: Steve Garbe

    Our cover photo for this issue comes from Mike Nesbitt and Jerry Mayo. Mike was responsible for the excellent target and Jerry took the great photograph. ...Read More >


    Be More Than a "Wannabe"

    feature by: Ed Decker

    Do you “wannabe” a Dave Gullo (USA)? A John Whittaker (England)? A Corena DeBeer (South Africa)? A Laurie Kerr (New Zealand)? A Mark Sobierajski (Australia)? A Guenther Kunz (Germany)? Don’t just dream about it – do it! ...Read More >

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