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    The Black Powder Cartridge News Spring 2022

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    The Black Powder Cartridge News Spring 2022

    This issue features Trapdoor Barrel Specifications, .35-40 Maynard 1882, Be More Than a Wannabe Part V, .44-70 Trials and Errors, Oscar Brackett, Chamber Casting, Restoring a Rare Whitney, Blades of the U.S. Dragoons, and much more.

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    Hodgdon® Announces Closure of GOEX facility

    Hodgdon Powder Company

    Effective immediately, Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc. has made the decision to cease manufacturing ... ...Read More >


    Determining Powder Charges

    Steve Garbe

    One of the commonly asked questions from new black powder shooters is: “How do I determine the am... ...Read More >


    Large Pistol Primers in Black Powder Loads

    Steve Garbe

    Lately, I have noticed some shooters talking on the internet about using large pistol primers in ... ...Read More >

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    From the Editor

    No Surprises
    column by: Steve Garbe

    In the last issue, I commented on the letter sent to us by black-powder competitor Cody Smith. Mr. Smith raised the question that if the NRA appears to have lost interest in promoting the black-powder shooting sports, it might be time for a new organization to be formed that would seriously address the interest amongst shooters that still exists. It seemed a reasonable observation at the time and one that we received some comment on, mostly “pro” and very little “con.” ...Read More >


    About the Cover

    column by: Steve Garbe

    This issue’s cover is compliments of Sheryll Garbe and is one of the many great wildlife photos she has taken; a new buffalo calf, born in pretty frosty spring conditions taken in the Sandhills of Nebraska, and being guarded by a group of very protective cows. ...Read More >


    Trapdoor Barrel Specifications

    feature by: William P. Mapoles and Mike Benton

    Many of us have owned a Springfield Trapdoor rifle that just flat wouldn’t shoot worth a darn. We’ve tried a variety of loads and accuracy was disappointing, even though the bore looked great. In this article, we are going to get to the bottom of this enigma with 25 years’ worth of data on Trapdoor groove diameters. We will answer the question, “Just how good were the barrel makers at Springfield Armory?” ...Read More >


    .35-40 Maynard 1882

    A Minimum, but Effective Black Powder Silhouette Cartridge
    feature by: Rick Moritz

    The late Gary Lucas of Goodland, Kansas, introduced me to the .35-40 Maynard cartridge. He was also the individual that started me on the .38-50 Remington Hepburn path, which also turned out to be a great discovery. The following article describes the Maynard cartridge and a Highwall chambered in .35-40, including brass, powder, bullets and recommended loading methods. Included in this article are some of my most recent accuracy tests with a recent lot of 2Fg Swiss powder. ...Read More >

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