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    Black Powder Cartridge Winter 2020

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    Black Powder Cartridge Winter 2020

    This issue features Black Powder Shot Shells. Accuracy Test Part V, Bullet Hardness, Extracts From Frank E. Conrad Ledgers, Who Was Albert F. Mitchell?, and much more.

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    Determining Powder Charges

    Steve Garbe

    One of the commonly asked questions from new black powder shooters is: “How do I determine the am... ...Read More >


    Large Pistol Primers in Black Powder Loads

    Steve Garbe

    Lately, I have noticed some shooters talking on the internet about using large pistol primers in ... ...Read More >


    Hanna's .41 and .45 Colts

    Dave Scovill

    On the drive home from our Kansas deer hunt this year, Roberta and I stopped to visit Charles Han... ...Read More >

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    From the Editor

    Lemonade Out of Lemons
    column by: Steve Garbe

    I don’t think that anyone in the Black Powder Cartridge News audience would argue that the year 2020 is not one for the history books. Between the COVID-19 drama and the presidential election, life has certainly been turned on its ear. Shooting competitions have taken a huge hit, with the majority of them having been cancelled. Hopefully, we will have moved beyond the “COVID Crisis” by the time this issue hits the newsstands and we can resume our favorite pastime and discipline. Time will certainly tell. ...Read More >


    About the Cover

    column by: Steve Garbe

    Shooters who favor the Sharps Borchardt single shot will enjoy this issue’s cover and accompanying article by Robert Saathoff on a fine, old Borchardt Long Range rifle. ...Read More >


    Obituary - Roberta "Bobbie" Gier

    column by: Steve and Sheryll Garbe

    It is with a heavy heart that we relate the sad news of Roberta “Bobbie” Gier’s recent passing. It surely seems that lately we are losing too many of the good folks that have made our black powder community so special. Bobbie Gier was one of those people. ...Read More >


    Black Powder Shot Shells

    Easier Than You Might Think
    feature by: Bill Goodman

    First, an admission and a disclaimer: I admit to shooting Damascus antique shotguns. I do so at my own risk and don’t promote the practice. There have been endless debates about this, and I don’t want to pursue it much further here. Let’s get past it in this way – I shoot high-quality Damascus or “twist-steel” guns only with loads consisting of black powder or black powder substitutes. Also, the shotguns I shoot are free of active rust or pitting, have tight actions and show no signs of abuse. They are best quality guns made by known makers. With that said, if you don’t want to shoot Damascus barrels, it’s not a problem. There are a number of good hammer and hammerless double guns to shoot whose barrels are made of “fluid” or solid steel. If you like the idea of shooting a vintage shotgun instead of a modern piece or replica, there are lots of good, steel barrel doubles on the market that will not break the bank. Prewar, field grade Ithacas, Fox Sterlingworths and L. C. Smiths come to mind as well as quality doubles by other makers. At a higher price tag, the classic Winchester Model 1887 lever guns almost all have steel barrels. Winchester did offer twist and Damascus barrels for this model, usually only in the higher grades, but they are rarely encountered today. Replicas of this model are also available. ...Read More >

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