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    Black Powder Cartridge News Spring 2019

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    Black Powder Cartridge News Spring 2019

    This issue features Little Big Shoot, Testing Different Bullet-Nose Shapes, Horatio Ross & the “Queen of the Forest,” Wind-Gauge Sight on the 1878 Sharps Musket, The .303 British and Black Powder, In Addition to New Rifles, D.N. Heizer, The Quigley Bucket Challenge, Center Shot, Match Results, and much more.

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    From The Editor

    Walk the Walk
    column by: Steve Garbe

    I’d like to bring up a topic that I have touched on in the past, but I think it bears repeating. Recently, I had become curious about a different shooting discipline. Interested about what equipment was used, I thought I’d pick up a magazine that featured articles and results from several of the matches that were held across the U.S. I was disappointed, however, as the winners of each match were listed, but there wasn’t really much mentioned in the way of what they had used to garner the win. It actually took a good bit of looking on the Internet to draw some conclusions as to what was being used by the top shooters, how much the rifle and equipment would cost and who to contact in case I was interested in participating. ...Read More >


    About the Cover

    column by: Steve Garbe

    Our cover photo in this issue is from our good friend Mr. Tom Schiffer; black powder shooter, riverboat captain and general gun crank who is known to frequent the immediate area of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Tom was there at Rabbit Hash when the Don Kettelkamp Single Shot Stalking Rifle Shoot was pulled off. The cover shows rifleman Jim Poyner addressing the “knock-down” target with his .450-.400 (23⁄8) Boss single shot rifle. ...Read More >


    Little Big Shoot

    The Don Kettelkamp Single Shot Stalking Rifle Shoot
    feature by: Tom Schiffer

    This shoot was originally conceived by Bob Woodfill, the African hunting enthusiast of Vevay, Indiana. It was respectfully named for Don Kettelkamp, a modern-day African hunter, who wrote prolifically about his African experiences with the late Don Malsen in a 1996 book, Hunting Southern Africa with Muzzle Loading Rifles. Don Kettelkamp also wrote black powder hunting articles, too numerous to mention, for Muzzle Blasts, the house organ of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. These articles started about 1980. ...Read More >


    Testing Different Bullet-Nose Shapes

    feature by: Steve Brooks

    Last spring was the first time I heard about the LabRadar chronograph (myLabRadar.com). It is a ballistic doppler radar that will read a bullet’s velocity every 25 yards from the muzzle out to 125 yards. I showed it to Gayle and said, “If we were still shooting, I sure would have one of these.” Well, guess what showed up for my 66th birthday? Being “computer challenged,” it took a few trips to the range and some calls to the manufacturer to learn how to run it successfully. But, I endeavored to persevere, and I did! The LabRadar technicians were very understanding and helpful. ...Read More >

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