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    2021 Wyoming State BPTR Mid-Range Championship
    Worland Shooting Complex
    Worland, Wyoming - June 5-6, 2021

    On June 5-6, the Worland Shooting Complex hosted the Eighth Annual Wyoming State Mid-Range BPTR Championship. We had spent countless hours and money to upgrade the shooting complex, in particular the pit area, as it was in desperate need of improvements. So now it is covered, safe and a more inviting area of the range.

    We began the morning with final registration and squadding for the upcoming matches. During this time, we were able to meet up with some old friends and meet some new ones. We had 22 shooters to participate in the event. Some of these were as close as Worland and some were from as far away as Washington and Illinois.

    Squad Three and Four took the 200-yard firing line and Squad One and Two went back to the pit to manage the targets; with that, the fun and challenges began. By the time all four squads had completed both strings on the 200-yard target, we had an early leader of Rick Moritz with Randy Ellingrod on his heels. They both ended up with a score of 200, but Rick edged out Randy with seven X’s to Randy’s four. Next, we began the 300-yard match with the wind and heat becoming a bigger factor and challenging everyone. The temperature rose to 102 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind gusted up to 40 mph. At the end of day one, with the 200 and 300-yard target complete, the top seven shooters only had a 23 point difference.

    The weather on Sunday was somewhat better, but it still presented some challenges on the firing line. The wind at the Worland Shooting Complex can come from any direction and change in a moment’s notice. The temperature was 98 degrees Fahrenheit with wind gusts up to 33 mph.

    The stage was set for all of us to begin the two strings at the 600-yard targets. By the time the smoke had cleared, Rick Moritz had taken the top aggregate score for the two days. There was only an 11 point spread for the top four places. On the women’s side of the coin, Loyce Ellingrod ended up the champion with the high aggregate score. This year, we only had one entry for the position match. I like to think it was because I scared them off, but I know that is not the case.

    We will continue this saga on June 4-5, 2022, the first weekend in June. We hope to see this competition grow in the upcoming years. With that being said, put that weekend on your calendar and come join us.

    I would like to thank all the sponsors/donors for their contributions to the black powder shooting sports. They include Cats Shooting Sticks, Dixie Gun Works, Graf and Sons Inc., Hoke Long Range Sight Co, Hornady Manufacturing Co, Midway USA, Montana Vintage Arms, Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC, Schuetzen Powder LLC, Shiloh Sharps Rifle Co., SPG Sales, Starline Inc. and John Walters Wads. If you have any supply needs, please support those that support us and if you have the chance, thank them for their support.

    Hope to see you at the firing line in June 2022, in Worland, Wyoming.

    Tom Outland

    Buffalo Gong Matc
    Yellowstone Rifle Club
    Billings, Montana - April 18, 2021

    Sixteen shooters showed up for our April match at Yellowstone Rifle Club. Some came from as far away as Livingston and Harlowton, Montana, as well as Sheridan and Frannie, Wyoming. Rain threatened in the afternoon, but we ate our lunches on the fly and managed to beat the weather.

    Lon Morris of Roberts, Montana, won the offhand pot with four hits. He actually shot his sighter offhand as well, and of the six shots he only missed the last shot for score. Five out of six standing on your hind legs is outstanding shooting!

    We had four scope shooters with Stan Morris coming in first place with an excellent score of 35/40 with two offhand hits followed by Bill Gloor, shooting for the first time in more than a year, but still hitting 30/40 with three offhand hits for second place in Scope Class. George Jordan came in third place in Scope Class with a 29/40 with two offhand hits, barely beating out George Grossi who had a 29/40 and no offhand hits.

    In the Iron Sight division, Ron Vanden Brink shot a 37/40 with three offhand hits to win the match, followed by Dave Vanden Brink hitting 34/40 with one offhand hit for second place, Iron Sight. Steve Martin shot a 33/40 with one offhand for third place Irons, followed by Kyle Vanden Brink of Sheridan, Wyoming, with a 31/40 and one offhand hit.

    Our omnipresent Trapdoor shooter, Stan Bayley, finished the day with a 17. You should try a Trapdoor some time. The sights are tough to use; no wonder Custer lost.

    Thanks to everyone that travelled for the match and took a chance on the erratic spring weather!

    Ron Vanden Brink

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