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    About the Cover

    Our cover for this issue was sent to us, once again by William P. Mapoles, a regular contributor and firearms experimental archaeologist. A long title to simply say that Bill enjoys exploring commonly held ideas about historic firearms and coming up with data based on real use. His article dealing with the .56-50 cartridge in this issue, is no exception. Bill points out several erroneous assumptions made over the years about the famous Spencer repeater and the .56-50 cartridge.           
    The cover photo shows a restored (and converted to centerfire) Spencer carbine and the successful results of a javelina hunt, as the old Spencer was obviously up to the task. Personally, we think the .56-50 cartridge was a potent, short-range, black-powder cartridge and I can see how it would be as useful in the hunting field now, as it was originally. We would like to thank Bill for his submission and encourage our readers to check out his article and see if you don’t agree.

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