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    About the Cover

    The artwork on this issue’s cover is a favorite of mine, sent to us courtesy of Leo Remiger. The original was by Bill Leftwich and was used in the book, Getting A Stand, by Miles Gilbert (Hal Green Printing, Tempe, AZ, 1986) where it depicted two buffalo hunters on a “scout” for new hunting ground.

    Some artwork really captures a “feel” and this one does it for me. Bill Leftwich obviously knew how to sit a horse as it comes through in his drawing and he has the tack correct as well, right down to the rawhide hobbles around the right-hand horse’s neck. If you’ve ever seriously worked with horses, seeing artwork where the artist didn’t know the first thing about horse tack pretty much ruins the experience. Bill nails the authenticity right on the head.

    Mr. Leftwich was an interesting guy. He was a sergeant in the 92nd Cav. Recon, 12th Armored Division, E.T.O., and received the Silver Star, three Battle Stars, the Colmar Coat of Arms and a French 1st Army Veteran’s Medal. His published works include over 70 illustrated articles, eight books, 11 murals and 26 bronzes, which include a statue of Audie Murphy for the Texas National Guard at Austin, Texas. All this, plus being a past President of the Texas Cowboy Artists Association.

    We are honored to have one of his works on this issue’s cover.

    Wolfe Publishing Group