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    Reloading Recommendations from DuPont

    I ran across this old DuPont brochure and thought that the contents would be of interest to modern-day riflemen. We found the little article by Dr. Hudson – Fine Target Rifle Ammunition – to be especially interesting. I have no doubt that there are some things the good doctor said in print that will raise a few eyebrows. However, it’s hard to argue with his success on the Schuetzen range. Hudson’s comments on primers and air spaces are especially interesting.

    There is a tendency, especially among new shooters, to think that old reference works are out of date and worthless. Nothing could be further from the truth, and many times I have found that some new twist that a modern-day shooter thinks he has come up with, has indeed already been sorted out and used by the old-timers.

    However, just as one would “take with a grain of salt” information that was gleaned from the internet, examine and question the information presented and give it a liberal application of common sense.

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