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    Providence Tool Company, LLC Pattern 21 Iron Sight

    The Lyman Model 21 receiver peep sight was developed by Lyman for rifles with long bolt travel like the Model 1895 Winchester and Model 1895 Marlin. These specific rifles were hard to fit with a conventional tang-mounted peep sight, as the bolt in its rearward travel would invariably hit the sight. Having the tang sight mounted to the rear interfered with a normal grip on the wrist when shooting the rifle. The Model 21 fixed all those shortcomings admirably.

    The bad news is that Model 21 Lyman sights are hard to find and when you do, they cost a fortune, given their rarity. And, you have the problems associated with an old, used piece of equipment, such as worn threads, damaged screws and loose fittings. There a bright spot in all this, however, and that is the Pattern 21 receiver sight produced by Providence Tool Company, LLC in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Its copy of the Lyman Model 21 is exceptionally high quality and works exactly like the Lyman 21, solving the same problems.

    The Providence Tool Pattern 21 is very well made and comes complete with detailed mounting instructions, including the drill bit and tap that you need to install it. The sight itself gives a huge amount of elevation and is also adjustable for windage, making it a very useful all-around sight for hunting or target shooting. I’ve been using one on my Marlin Model 1895 .45-70 and have found it very repeatable on sight settings and easy to use, much more than the typical modern receiver sights on the market.

    Of course, the Pattern 21 is made here in the U.S. and is crafted from steel and brass; no plastic or aluminum parts. I like that, and I really like the Pattern 21 receiver sight from Providence. To get yours contact Providence Tool Company, LLC at PO Box 291, Plymouth WI 53073; 1-920-893-9675; or online: www.peabodyrifle.com to see the full line of Peabody rifles, sights and accoutrements available.

    Cat’s Shooting Sticks

    Chamber Swab

    Using a blow-tube in BPCR shooting is still the predominant method of maintaining a consistent bore environment for many black-powder riflemen. That being said, there are certain pitfalls that accompany this method of fouling control. The most serious is that moisture from the tube will be left behind in the chamber, and case stretching will occur. This happens because the moisture does not allow the cartridge case to grip the chamber walls at the moment of firing. In the extreme it can result in a separated case, which can take the rifle out of action until the partial case is removed. The worst scenario is that the separation can scar the chamber wall. None of these things are what you want happening to your fine single-shot rifle, whether at a match or at your home range.

    The fix for this is a chamber swab that dries and makes sure there is no moisture left in the chamber. Cat’s Shooting Sticks makes a dandy that really fills the bill, allowing you to dry the chamber without worrying about scratching either the rifle or the chamber. It’s made with a turned aluminum handle that allows you to twist the swab for better drying. The flexible, plastic-coated shaft with handle is 12 inches long, which allows for plenty of length to wipe a chamber without mashing the rear tang sight. The brass tip adapter is threaded for a shotgun cleaning mop. Gary Ladd of Cat’s tells us that a .410 swab works the best for .40- and .45-caliber rifles. The swab is not included with the handle.

    Like all the products from Cat’s, this chamber swab is very well made, and I can’t imagine wearing one out. However, if you are like me, you will need a couple (just like blow tubes), because it seems like I never have one where I need it. Solve the problem and order several, one for each shooting box, and you won’t be caught without. The Cat’s Chamber Swab sells for $26.50 plus shipping; at that price having one setup for each rifle is not a hardship.

    Order yours from Cat’s Shooting Sticks, 1020 S. 4375 W., Cedar City UT 84720; 1-435-590-7983; email: cat1870cas@yahoo.com; www.catshootingsticks.com. When you are on the website, check out the gear tailored especially for the BPCR shooter. I’m betting there’s probably something else you need that Cat’s can provide.

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