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    About the Cover

    The cover on this issue is compliments of contributing writer Tom Oppel. It features a very early Ballard No. 4 Perfection rifle in the extremely rare chambering of .44-75 Ballard Everlasting. Not only is this great, old Ballard in a rare chambering, but it is also in remarkable condition. Truly a “find” for any single-shot rifle collector. You are unlikely to encounter a No. 4 in .44-75 unless you turn to page 18 There you can read all about it.

    Just when you think you know everything about Ballards, a specimen like this rifle comes along. Single-shot rifles in general, and Ballards in particular, display a wide variety of models and configurations. Many can almost be classified as “one-offs.” That is what makes collecting vintage single shots so rewarding; it is an endless field of study. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy this article on a truly rare classic firearm.

    Wolfe Publishing Group