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    About the Cover

    This issue’s cover is compliments of William Curry and it shows a nice, old Colt 1896 “New Model” in .38 Long Colt, a pistol cartridge with a definitely “checkered” reputation. William provided some great information on the evolution of the .38 Long Colt from black powder days to smokeless loadings and its use, both by civilians and the military.

    I’m sure you have heard the oft-repeated story about the U.S. Army in the Philippine Insurrection, finding out that the .38 Long Colt was not effective in stopping suicide attacks by the Moros. William’s article shows us some of the hard data that spawned that story, as well as good information on barrel and cylinder chamber dimensions. This would be extremely useful information to have when purchasing any revolver in .38 Long Colt.

    Thank you, William Curry for a great cover and an excellent article.

    Wolfe Publishing Group