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    The Black Powder Cartridge News Summer 2022

    On the Cover: This issue’s cover is compliments of William Curry and it shows a nice, old Colt 1896 “New Model” in .38 Long Colt, a pistol cartridge with a definitely “checkered” reputation. William provided some great information on the evolution of the .38 Long Colt from black powder days to smokeless loadings and its use, both by civilians and the military.

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    From the Editor

    What a Difference a Day Makes
    column by: Steve Garbe

    The ad shown was circulated in 1940, in the American Rifleman magazine, the official publication of the National Rifle Association. It was in response to Great Britain’s citizens gearing up to defend themselves against a perceived Nazi invasion. The British government, in its infinite wisdom, had seriously limited the private ownership of firearms. However, when invasion was imminent, the Brits went begging for firearms of any sort to help defend the country. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? ...Read More >


    About the Cover

    column by: Steve Garbe

    This issue’s cover is compliments of William Curry and it shows a nice, old Colt 1896 “New Model” in .38 Long Colt, a pistol cartridge with a definitely “checkered” reputation. William provided some great information on the evolution of the .38 Long Colt from black powder days to smokeless loadings and its use, both by civilians and the military. ...Read More >



    Ronald “Ron” Wayne Long (2022) & William A. Knight, a.k.a “The Mad Monk” (2022)
    column by: Steve Garbe

    Sadly, on April 14, 2022, the single-shot world lost one of its most talented gunsmiths and expert riflemen, Ron Long. William Knight, known by many as “The Mad Monk” for his alleged crazy rantings about the science of black powder and muzzleloading, introduced himself to my boss, Oscar, back around 1990, when Petro-Explo, Inc. started importing the Elephant black powder from Brazil. ...Read More >


    Letters from Readers

    Shooting Techniques with the Percussion Sharps
    column by: Robert Baringer

    I want to thank The Black Powder Cartridge News for the articles on using linen cartridges in the percussion Sharps rifles as written by Mr. Mapoles. I have found them quite helpful, and I agree with everything he has said about loading and shooting the paper cartridges. This includes making sure the chamber and throat are clear before another shot is fired! ...Read More >


    Product Reviews

    Model 1885 High Wall Action from Montana Vintage Arms & Chambering Cam from Double E Engineering
    column by: Steve Garbe & Mike Nesbitt

    Since beginning to manufacture instrument-grade sights back in 1992, Montana Vintage Arms (MVA) has set the standard in the industry for traditional, best-quality iron sights as well as telescopic sights. Serious riflemen know that MVA products leave nothing to be desired and are backed up by the best warranty and customer service in the business. ...Read More >


    The Wyoming Schuetzen Union’s “Center Shot”

    The Swing Was to the .25
    column by: Jim Foral

    In “rifleman’s history,” we have seen one passing fancy follow another, in other words – a steady procession of trends. A certain pattern seems to be followed, starting with some measure of fanfare for a new item. A following to it emerges, reaches a peak, lives out its natural life and then dies its natural death. Longevity varies in degree. Manufacturers cater to the prospective body of would-be buyers who wait in line to swallow the hook and they sort themselves out from the mainstream soon enough. ...Read More >


    Match Results

    column by: Zack Taylor / Cody Smith / Larry Baker / Rick Weber

    Desert International Black Powder Target Rifle Championship Match - Ben Avery Shooting Facility / Winter Series – Smithmoor Range / WSU 2022 – Winter League / 34th Long Range Muzzleloading Match – 3rd Creedmoor 150 Prep Match ...Read More >


    Rifle Clubs

    column by: Staff

    ... ...Read More >


    A Black Powder Cartridge

    Neck Tension Test
    feature by: Rick Moritz

    Reloading dies come from the factory with a case neck expander. The diameter of these expanders can vary, especially with calibers such as .40-65 WCF, .38-50 Remington Hepburn, or .45 Colt. Normally, I use aftermarket expanders since the standard ones supplied are not always appropriate for the bullet diameter. These are either too large or more frequently, too small. Completing some limited neck tension testing in the distant past, I always felt that the expander should be the same diameter as the bullet. ...Read More >


    The .38 Long Colt

    Weakling Cartridge or Mismatched Gun and Ammunition?
    feature by: William M. Curry, Jr.

    Colt firearms developed the .36 caliber percussion revolver as a lighter intermediate revolver between the much larger .44 Dragoons and the much smaller .31 Pocket models. Colt introduced the .36 Navy, or Belt model, in 1850, which became known as the Model of 1851. This revolver set the standard for a revolver of medium size, reasonable power and modest recoil that could be carried comfortably in or on the belt of one’s person, rather than in saddle holsters or a pocket. ...Read More >


    Be More Than a Wannabe - Part VI

    How To Prepare for Travel to International Cometitions
    feature by: Edwin Decker

    Well, folks, I hope the previous series on shooting with a muzzleloader following international rules has provided insight into how to prepare for international competition. If you are serious about giving it a try, I would highly recommend connecting with shooters who have done it for years and understand the rules and all it takes to be a good international competitor. Rick Weber’s Oak Ridge match in March has the most long-range muzzleloading shooters in attendance. I am sure there will always be a lot of competitors there who know international long-range muzzleloader shooting well. Contact Lee Shaver (captain of the U.S. team) at longrangeml@gmail.com, with any questions. ...Read More >


    Winchester’s 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine

    feature by: Mike Nesbitt

    When Phil Wiebe showed up at the range one day with a new Winchester Model ‘73 carbine in .44-40, I had to ask if I could look at and shoot his new lever gun. Phil was most agreeable and I was allowed to shoot that gun enough to run it through its paces. Let me say that this experience has elevated my opinion of the old Winchester Model 1873 even more. ...Read More >


    S.B. Elkins and The Last of the Buffalo

    feature by: Leo J. Remiger

    While researching various public domain newspapers for articles on buffalo hunters, I ran across this very interesting article titled, “Elkins Hunting Buffaloes.” It predates our primary interest of hide hunters and still hunters by a few years, but warrants a look because of the subject matter it contained. ...Read More >

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