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    The Wyoming Schuetzen Union’s “Center Shot”

    2021 Rich Hicks Memorial Match
    Canal Fulton Ramrod Club, Ohio
    September 26, 2021

    The Canal Fulton Ramrod Club clubhouse.
    The Canal Fulton Ramrod Club clubhouse.
    Folks who discover the sports involving black-powder target shooting often remain involved for several reasons. Our September matches of Slug Gun versus Cartridge, King of the Slug Gunners, High Cartridge, and High Original Rifle all offer an opportunity for shooters at any level to get involved and have a good time.

    “Show and Tell” at the 2021 Rich Hicks Memorial match; the Billinghurst “Iron Maiden” .50 rifle is fifth from the left.
    “Show and Tell” at the 2021 Rich Hicks Memorial match; the Billinghurst “Iron Maiden” .50 rifle is fifth from the left.
    Canal Fulton Ramrod Club ranges can be challenging and the wind was tough this year. Scores reflected this. Several historic rifles were used this year in the matches; where else in America are original nineteenth-century rifles used year after year?

    Food and friendship are always our strengths. This match welcomes new folks, whether to shoot, display, or simply express interest and have a bowl of chili. “Show and Tell” this year offered several fine and interesting historic slug, picket, and cartridge rifles. This match encourages folks to bring antique rifles to display.

    At the awards meeting this year, small cash prizes, Log Cabin prizes, and SPG Sales donations were awarded to winners and were widely dispersed. Also, a couple changes were suggested and agreed upon by those present. As originally established by Rich Hicks, handicap points will be reestablished for cartridge shooters. Those using iron sights will receive three additional points and three Xs. Cartridge shooters using a scope will receive three points, and no Xs.

    We have agreed to discontinue the practice of paper mailing match fliers and results. We will use email. This will save the match time and money, which can be used for prizes. We will continue to mail as always to folks who request paper mail, or those known to the match as being unable to use email, or unable to attend.

    Most importantly, at the awards meeting Frank Rose, one of our regular shooters, was unable to attend this year. He did provide us with a very thoughtful memory of Rich Hicks and Larry Thompson, and the importance of their deep friendship at the Canal Fulton matches.

    Charles Nesselrotte used his Stevens .32/40 rifle for the match, scoped, and described his load as “full case 2F” powder.

    Mark Barnhill shot “Old Harrison,” an 1879 P.A. Reinhard .47-caliber slug rifle with 80 grains of Swiss 1½ Fg powder, a two-piece 530-grain paper-patched slug. A Unertl scope was used for sighting.

    Of special interest this year, the “Iron Maiden” made an appearance in this match. This rifle was made by William Billinghurst, and was probably an experimental rifle, never intended for the market. Weighing about 50 pounds, it shoots a .50-caliber picket bullet, which Rich Hicks experimented with. The rifle is mounted with an original William Malcolm scope. Rich demonstrated fine accuracy with this rifle, which is cut with “ratchet” rifling. Our puzzle will be to discover Rich’s bullet and powder combination; however, as the match progressed, Bill Brown demonstrated we are on the right path!

    The match extends many thanks to the Canal Fulton Ramrod Club, the Log Cabin Shop, SPG Sales and those anonymous donors who contributed generously of their time, resources, and money. We also thank Donna Barnhill for providing secretarial and technical skills necessary to keep this match in order.

    11th Annual Summer Heat Schuetzen Match
    Glasgow, Montana - August 2021
    Valley Rifle and Pistol Club

    The 11th Annual Summer Heat Match went very well despite lower turnout from years past. A hardy “thanks” to all who attended. The weather again lived up to its name as the temperatures hovered near or above the 100-degree Fahrenheit mark. We can all look forward to the 12th annual match in August 2022.

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