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    Cast Bullets with Confidence

    The Lyman Digital Lead Thermometer is a fast and accurate way to check the temperature of casting alloys. The long, six-inch probe will work with the largest casting furnaces and will keep the user’s hands away from the molten lead. The large, easy-to-read display can be set for Fahrenheit or Celsius and also features a hold button to lock a reading to the display. Find the Digital Lead Thermometer and other great casting tools at Lyman. The Digital Lead Thermometer (#2867797) has an MSRP of $29.95.

    Lyman Products Corp., 475 Smith Street, Middletown CT 06457; phone: 1-800-225-9626 or www.lymanproducts.com.

    Starline Now Producing Rifle Brass

    To meet customer demand, Starline Brass has recently announced the addition of rifle brass to its product offerings. Starline is now producing .308 Winchester, .358 Winchester and .444 Marlin and will soon offer .338 Federal and .243 Winchester.

    Until now, Starline has mainly produced brass for handgun calibers, with the exception of a few straight-walled rifle cases, such as the .45-70. Starline currently offers over 80 different calibers, but that number will grow quickly as new rifle and handgun calibers are added to its product line.

    “Our customers have been asking us to produce rifle brass for years,” said Robert Hayden, Jr., vice president of Starline. “With our recent plant expansion and investment in building new equipment and tooling, we are proud to make Starline rifle cases a reality.”

    The year 2016 marked a historic year for Starline, celebrating its 40th anniversary and introducing bottleneck rifle cartridges to its lineup. “We know we wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers and employees,” Hayden continued. “They have made achieving these milestones possible, and we’re very grateful for them.”

    Starline is a family-owned business that prides itself on producing the highest quality brass cases available. For more than 40 years, Starline’s unique manufacturing process and commitment from its team of employees has distinguished Starline from the competition.

    To view these new calibers, exciting promotions and other offerings from Starline, and to order factory direct, visit: www.starlinebrass.com or 1-800-280-6660.

    Bullet Seating Micrometers for Standard Redding Straight-Wall and Handgun Seating Dies

    The Redding Competition Seating Dies for straight-wall cases have set a standard for precision and accuracy in the most discriminating of handloading circles. Be it a 3-Gun event or a Cowboy Action Shooting Championship, Redding Competition Seating Dies create an edge serious competitors swear by. They are truly the envy of all other competitors when a championship is on the line. Now, Redding has created a series of new optional Bullet Seating Micrometers for use with its standard seating dies in popular handgun and straight-wall calibers. These new Bullet Seating Micrometers will not only increase precision, but they also speed the set-up process over a standard seating stem or “plug.”

    These Bullet Seating Micrometers are direct replacements for the original seat stems and also feature a dead stop on the threads, allowing full and accurate repeatability even if changed from one die to another. The micrometer is graduated in increments of 0.001 inch to assure precise seating depth control, and they are offered by number to match the numbers stamped on the tops of the original seat plug that was shipped with the dies.

    The new Redding Micro Precision Seating Stems are available for both standard bullet shapes as well as newly designed flatnose combinations. These allow the user to accurately and reliably seat to the proper cartridge overall loaded length with wadcutter and semiwadcutter styles of bullets.

    Precision has long been Redding’s hallmark, and now the high-level precision of a micrometer-seating stem can be added to the Redding dies you have on your bench.

    Redding Reloading Equipment has focused on building the finest quality, American-made products for the precision handloading market since 1946. To find more information and to request a copy of the new 2017 Redding catalog visit: www.redding-reloading.com or call 1-607-753-3331.

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