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    From the Editor

    The Jig Is Up
    column by: Steve Garbe

    The reported “mainstream” news has always required that one interpret what he reads. This has been true throughout history and is not something that is new or unique to our lifetime. Unfortunately, but also predictably, the reported news has been hijacked by people with a nefarious agenda. Often times, the important news of the day is buried under headlines about some movie star’s uneducated opinion of current events. Being able to “sort the wheat from the chaff” has become a necessary ability for those who truly want to understand current events and be well informed. ...Read More >


    About the Cover

    column by: Steve Garbe

    A fine telescopic long-range rifle in the form of a .45 Pedersoli-Gibbs adorns this issue’s cover. Our thanks to Robby Robinson, who provided the rifle for our review and discussion. Sheryll Garbe was responsible for the excellent cover shot and article photography. ...Read More >


    Product Reviews

    Picking Up Where Others Left Off / Cash Manufacturing’s Adjustable Shot and Powder Dippers
    column by: Scott Elliott / Mike Nesbitt

    Prior to reading the article Montana Vintage Arms High Wall, The Heart of The Single Shot featured in the May-June, 2022, issue of Rifle magazine by Mike Venturino and Model 1885 High Wall Action from Montana Vintage Arms featured in Product Reviews, Summer, 2022, The Black Powder Cartridge News by Steve Garbe, I had a fun and interesting project in mind. After reading these two articles, it was confirmed that my instincts were right. Therefore, they lead me to contact Steve Garbe to discuss my project and share what was brewing in Cody, Wyoming. ...Read More >


    The Wyoming Schuetzen Union’s “Center Shot”

    American Gold Medal Marksmen – 1908
    column by: Jim Foral

    The modern Olympic Games didn’t start out as extravagant models of global participation as they are these days. When the well-intentioned Greeks decided to resurrect their ancient tradition in 1896, 14 countries responded to their world-wide invitation to Athens with teams totaling 241 athletes, each one a male. It was a good idea, and it was a start. ...Read More >


    Match Results

    Creedmoor 150 / Oregon Territory BPCR Silhouette Regional Matches / 2023 TX Regional BPCR Big Bore Silhouette
    column by: Staff

    Muzzleloaders & Breechloaders, Jim Sproul Memorial, TX Big Bore Silhouette ...Read More >


    Rifle Clubs

    Rifle Club Contacts
    column by: Staff

    Rifle Clubs... ...Read More >


    George Bird Grinnell

    Hunter & Conservationist
    feature by: Miles Gilbert

    Those of us who are members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are well acquainted with the catch phrase “Hunting Is Conservation.” The subject of this article was among the foremost hunters to promote and work tirelessly for conservation. And, he was a black powder cartridge shooter! ...Read More >


    Al Story & the Borchardt Rifle Corporation

    feature by: Leo J. Remiger

    Albert (Al) Story was born October 31, 1940 in San Diego, California and attended Sweetwater High School. Al was always interested in hunting and so consequently, in guns. One of his favorite stories revolves around a young girl he sat next to in class named Ruthie Navarro. Ruthie’s father was a gunsmith and the family lived in her father’s gun shop. During the many times Al walked Ruthie home, he would take advantage of the opportunity to speak to her father and ask questions about gun work and machining. ...Read More >


    Solid Advice on Offhand Shooting

    feature by: Steve Garbe

    Several issues back, in the Black Powder Cartridge News, we ran the text from an old article written by master gunsmith and Schuetzen competitor Harry Pope, which detailed his thoughts on shooting from the offhand position. We received much favorable comment, enough so that it seemed like further recommendations from other riflemen would be well received. One of our favorite books on shooting techniques in general was written by Capt. Edward C. Crossman and titled Military and Sporting Rifle Shooting. ...Read More >


    31st Annual Quigley Match 2023

    feature by: Mike Nesbitt

    For my partners and I, any trip to the Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match always includes a stop at C. Sharps Arms in Big Timber, Montana. My real reason for stopping at the shop this year was to pick up my new rifle. I’ll tell you more about the gun (even though I actually didn’t intend to use it at the “Quigley”) as we get into the story. And, this year, I think I have a story to tell. ...Read More >


    Paper Patch Bullets in the Pedersoli Gibbs .45 Long-Range Rifle

    feature by: Steve Garbe - Photos by Sheryll Garbe

    A quick glance at the equipment list for this year’s Creedmoor 150th Long-Range competition showed that the Pedersoli Gibbs .45 Long-Range muzzleloading rifle was used by no less than six out of 14 muzzleloading competitors. Having owned a Pedersoli Gibbs myself, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the barrel, not to mention the general fit and finish of the firearm. The rifle was very accurate with the grease groove bullet mould that came with it. ...Read More >


    James Graham

    Hide & Meat Hunter
    feature by: Leo J. Remiger

    James Graham was an Englishman who spent four years hunting buffalo and trapping wolves on the Texas plains. He came to America to fulfill the dreams of a young boy. ...Read More >


    J.H. Durkee

    Gunsmith of Lebanon, New Hampshire
    feature by: Larry Baker Jr.

    John Henry Durkee, of Lebanon, New Hampshire, was born on May 7, 1821, and died on October 17, 1857. American Firearms Makers by A.M. Carey lists Durkee as a maker of percussion sporting and heavy target rifles. He’s also listed as a farmer. He was married to Martha Ann Lombard, together they had at least two children, one of which was William. The gunsmith W.W. Wetmore served as an apprentice to Durkee. The location of his untimely death was Waltham, Massachusetts. One very interesting thing about this gunsmith; I happen to have the detailed account behind his tragic death from a shooting range accident. ...Read More >

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