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    Match Results

    2020 Smithmoor Cup

    Left to right; Mark Pachares, BPCR Match Winner and Jim Rodebaugh, High Spotter.
    Left to right; Mark Pachares, BPCR Match Winner and Jim Rodebaugh, High Spotter.

    The annual championship Smithmoor Cup BPCR Silhouette match was held July 16-17, 2020. All the stops were pulled out and we put on the best match we could. I am relieved to say it was a big success. We had great food, great facilities, great target setters, and great shooters that all made for a super time. Dad and Momma Lorraine had some grand meals of roast beef with all the “fixing’s” on day one and smoked Tri-tip with all the goodies for day two. We ate like Kings!

    Day one gave us some incredibly tricky conditions that no one except Mark Pachares and spotter Jim Rodebaugh could figure out. Mark almost cleaned the “lay-downs,” missing only one ram. Mark was the Match Winner with an impressive 29 score. Bryan Youngberg and I tied for 1st Master with 25s and it was settled with reverse animal count. Jim Rodebaugh was 1st AAA with a 24, while Thom Moore was 1st AA with a 22 and Dick Hennebry was 1st A with a 19. Dick and David Heintz tied and it was broken in a shoot off on turkeys.

    Day two gave us some better conditions, although they were still quite challenging. Excellent spotting from Kenny Wasserburger put me into the Match Winner position with a 30, while Brad Rice was 1st Master. Mark Pachares smoked out another great score of 29 to be 1st AAA. John Madden shot a solid 20 to be 1st AA and David Heintz prevailed in A Class with a 17.

    We reserved the best prizes for our 5th Station side match on the 36-inch gong. It seems like it spreads the prizes out further, as rarely do the same people do well in both the general match and the 5th Station. The smallest five-shot group at 500 meters is the game, after you have unlimited sighters on another gong. I’ll tell you; it can make you pull your hair out! I don’t know how many times I have had a great group on the sighter target, and then totally miss the scoring gong. Anyway, we break the shooters into Master/AAA class and AA/A class. Sammie Rice and Van Rasmussen were our two day one winners, while Dick Hennebry and Robert Kiernan were our day two winners. Dick Hennebry was quite pleased to get nine out of 10 shots on the gong to win the Aggregate Small Group AA/A class prize of a Montana Vintage Arms scope. David Heintz was second in the class, taking home a Buffalo Arms mould certificate. In the Master/AAA class, Dan Womer was third and took home a beautiful Harold Forcum shooting box. Believe it or not, Van Rasmussen and I tied with a combined group size of 33¾ inches with all 10 shots being on the gong. What are the odds of that? Van only had two shells left, so we did a two-round shoot-off on the gong. Both of us managed to put them both on the gong, which I thought was pretty impressive for a first round, cold barrel shot. With the careful and crafty wind-calling of Kenny Wasserburger, I was able to edge Van out to take home the case of Swiss Powder. Van also received a certificate for a super Buffalo Arms mould.

    See the scores on the next page for all the juicy details, but I will quickly mention the aggregate winners. David Heintz took home A Class Champion with a 36, while his shooting partner Thom Moore was Champion AA Class with a 39. Champion AAA Class was Jim Rodebaugh with a 46, while I was Champion Master Class with a 55. Our 2020 Smithmoor Range BPCR Cup Overall Champion was Mark Pachares with a super 58 out of 80 score. Congratulations Mark, that was some super shooting! Mark received a custom buckle, possession of the famed Smithmoor Cup for one year, and a beautiful walnut stock blank donated by Cecil Freddi Gunstocks. Mark’s spotter, Jim Rodebaugh took home some cash and a sight drifter donated by Wyoming Sight Drifter. All our champions each took home a custom buckle and each of the places received various great prizes donated by our sponsors.

    A giant “thank you” to all of our generous major match sponsors that included, Montana Vintage Arms, Schuetzen Powder, Wyoming Sight Drifter, Buffalo Arms, Harold Forcum, and JL Rodebaugh Custom Knives. Please remember all of our sponsors throughout the year as you shop. See you all next year!


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