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    Tip for Shotshell Primer Removal

    Dear Editor,

    I very much enjoy the Black Powder Cartridge News and I shoot black powder rifles, pistols and shotguns. In the latest BPC News that I received today is a fine article by Bill Goodman on “Reloading Brass Shot Shells.” Bill mentions the problem of “fishing for the primer pocket” when depriming brass shot shells. Here is a hint to facilitate depriming:

    • Cut a dowel that fits inside the shotshell.

    • Drill a hole through the center of the dowel that fits the depriming tool.

    • Insert the dowel into the case, insert the depriming tool into the drilled hole, place it over a board with a hole and tap out the primer. No more fishing.

    Thanks to you and Mike Venturino, I have enjoyed shooting my 1885 High Wall in .45-70 and .40-65 for some years now. Yes, I use SPG Lube. My neighbor, Terry Howard, and I have a range where we can shoot out to 500 meters and spend many happy hours working up and testing various loads. Thanks for all you have done to enhance our enjoyment.

    Clyde M. Biggs

    Center Point, Texas

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