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    About The Cover

    The cover in this issue comes from our good friend and contributing writer, Tony Kinton. Tony has been doing something that we wish we could – namely, going to Africa, seeing the country and the game fields. Tony is using a Sharps .45-70 on his endeavors and has some solid recommendations for those who would attempt to do the same. How he overcomes some of the travel restrictions of our modern life also makes for interesting reading. All this while having some excellent hunts, not to mention ultimately bringing to bag an impala and zebra under trying circumstances.

    Enjoy his article in this issue and see if you don’t get the hankering to visit the Dark Continent. To see more of Tony’s work, visit his website at tonykinton.com. He has an interesting assortment of books and articles on his website; it is definitely worth a look.

    Wolfe Publishing Group