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    History Repeats… Again.

    It was reported by several news agencies, most notably The Times of Israel that in the wake of the terrorist attack by Hamas, National Security Minister Ben Gvir said that his ministry will buy 10,000 rifles for civilian security teams. Along with this, the governmental red tape that has discouraged many Israelis from owning a personal protection firearm will be simplified, at least in the short term. This is all in an effort to provide a means of personal defense during the violence that is expected to continue in Israel. Many kibbutzim were attacked by the terrorists and those that were unarmed predictably suffered terrible depredations.

    Ben Gvir was reported as saying that, “Today, I directed the Firearms Licensing Division to go on an emergency operation, in order to allow as many citizens as possible to arm themselves…the plan will take effect in 24 hours.” The ministry is also lifting the restriction on the amount of ammunition a citizen may possess at one time, raising the limit from 50 rounds to 100.

    The licensing restrictions that had been in place had discouraged many Israelis from owning a firearm at all. Reportedly only about one and half percent of Israeli citizens own a firearm. To his credit Ben Gvir is trying to encourage gun ownership, but in light of recent events it would seem that it is “too little, too late”.

    Not long ago we also commented on the situation in Ukraine where the government was handing out firearms of all sorts, including fully automatic weapons, to any civilian that would stand and fight against Russian invasion. Seemed like a very reasonable thing to do but — as in Israel — a little late in coming.

    One almost feels embarrassed to have to point these things out in the news, as the concept is so basic and obvious to anyone with even a smattering of common sense, you wouldn’t think it would actually have to be verbalized. History has witnessed many instances where politicians and bureaucrats have disarmed a civilian population for various reasons, only to cry for help from those same citizens when an enemy threatens invasion. Most notably was the situation at the onset of World War II where Americans were urged to “send a gun to defend a British home.” These two newest examples in Ukraine and Israel only add to a long list.

    The other obvious question is why would a population trust a government that severely restricts their access to firearms? An armed, law-abiding populace is a responsible government’s greatest asset towards maintaining security, an example of which is Switzerland, who for centuries has provided for a generally well-armed population.

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” is an oft-repeated quote, which is tragically true for the citizens of Israel. One possible good thing that could come out of this horrible event is that Israelis demand from their government their right to self-defense and an enhanced ability to be well armed. Years ago, a money-manager told me “no one watches out for your money like you do.” I would say in this case “no one watches out for your self-defense like you do.

    In light of continued attacks by the Left on our own ability to be armed for self-defense, we fervently hope that more Americans take note of these recent events and learn from them rather than having to repeat them here in our own country.

    Gut Ziel

    Wolfe Publishing Group