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The 25-20 Single Shot

Steve Garbe

The 25-20 Single Shot cartridge was the brainchild of late 1800s rifleman and gun writer, J. Fran... ...Read More >


The Foundation

Scott Elliot

The importance of local shooting clubs is immeasurable. Local clubs are the foundation on which o... ...Read More >


Hodgdon® Announces Closure of GOEX facility

Hodgdon Powder Company

Effective immediately, Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc. has made the decision to cease manufacturing ... ...Read More >


Determining Powder Charges

Steve Garbe

One of the commonly asked questions from new black powder shooters is: “How do I determine the am... ...Read More >


Large Pistol Primers in Black Powder Loads

Steve Garbe

Lately, I have noticed some shooters talking on the internet about using large pistol primers in ... ...Read More >


Hanna's .41 and .45 Colts

Dave Scovill

On the drive home from our Kansas deer hunt this year, Roberta and I stopped to visit Charles Han... ...Read More >


The Reloading Bench

Steve Garbe

For some reason, one of the hardest things to explain over the phone is the concept of pan-lubing... ...Read More >


Greenhill, With a Twist

Steve Garbe

Sir Alfred George Greenhill’s famous formula for calculating the proper twist to provide stabiliz... ...Read More >


Black-Powder Fouling

Mike Venturino

Anyone who has fired even a single shot powered by black powder realizes fouling can be a signifi... ...Read More >