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    The Foundation

    The importance of local shooting clubs is immeasurable. Local clubs are the foundation on which our sport is built upon. Not only do they conduct matches and other activities, but they serve as a conduit for sharing thoughts and ideas among its members. This leads to perpetuating the activities we hold dear and innovation (of equipment and techniques). In turn, successful shooting clubs produce successful events, proficient marksmen and contribute to the sport at a national level.


    Each club has its own distinct culture. This can be due to location, age, history and what courses of fire its members are interested in. Things then begin to get really interesting when members of one club visit another and shoot with them, develop friendships and share ideas outside of their tribe. This is where the fun begins, and great things happen on a larger scale.


    All this leads to the formation of national organizations such as 22 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Association (22 BPCRA), The American Single Shot Rifle Association (ASSRA), The International Single Shot Association (ISSA), The Rocky Mountain Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Association (RMBPCRA) and The Wyoming Schuetzen Union (WSU).


    Folks from different clubs get together to find common ground, conduct activities and grow the sport. Often resulting in grand events such as a “National Match”. This demonstrates a growth in the sport and an end to practicing in secret. We are then a part of something bigger. Perhaps one day we may see collaboration across some or even all the organizations mentioned and conduct a National Match for the ages rivaling those legendary matches at Creedmoor. We have more in common than not.


    Throughout the United States, we are fortunate to have a robust number of clubs to visit. We have clubs with a rich history such as The New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein which was established in 1849 all the way up to the active and innovative Smithmoor Range established in 2016. The ASSRA has its home range in Etna Green, Indiana where it conducts many events consisting of multiple courses of fire. The ISSA holds a National Match in Raton, New Mexico and has regional matches. Don’t let the WSU name fool you - there are affiliated clubs throughout The United States and other countries such as Australia and Denmark. The RMBPCRA is a newly founded organization moving full steam ahead to promote and grow the sport.


    With all of this in mind, I then go on to think about my club, The Arizona Schuetzenverein, and am grateful for the friends and experiences it has afforded me. I encourage you, the reader, to stop and consider what you can do for your club and to you who is not shooting with a club: find one. You’ll be glad you did.

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