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    About the Cover

    This issue’s cover comes to us from Tom Rowe and Leo Remiger. Students of the single shot rifle will recognize the great Harry Pope busy at an “in the field” loading bench, no doubt loading for one of his breech-muzzleloaders. The photo clearly shows a Pope duplex powder measure and what looks like an altered surveyor’s tripod to support his spotting telescope. The type of rifle Harry is using can’t be made out; possibly a Stevens Schuetzen, as the photo might have been taken while Harry was in the employ of Stevens Arms and Tool Company. It looks like Mr. Pope is practicing his offhand shooting, from the layout of his reloading bench.

    Speaking of offhand shooting and Harry Pope, check out the article in this issue written by Harry Pope for Arms and The Man magazine. It is full of good advice and tips from arguably the best offhand shot in the good old days of Schuetzen shooting. The only thing that has changed from then to now is the calendar – Harry’s recommendations are still just as relevant.

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