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    About the Cover

     Dr. Edward Maynard is gracing this cover of the Black Powder Cartridge News, thanks to our Contributing Writer, Leo Remiger and Frank Graves, the owner of the image. Edward is holding an early 1865 percussion Maynard rifle complete with what looks to be a telescopic sight by William Malcolm of Syracuse, New York. The rifle, being an early model, and Malcolm, having started into business in 1855, would be the likely suspect in providing a telescopic sight to Dr. Maynard. You can bet that the good Doctor knew Mr. Malcolm, by virtue of both being involved in the “Back East” gun business. Regardless, there has always been something very attractive about a single shot rifle with a full-length scope to any rifle crank worth his salt.

    The tintype photograph is remarkably clear and undamaged, owing most likely to the protective cover it is encased in. A great photo of a well-known and famous figure in the American gun business, as any lover of Maynard rifles will attest. Thank you once again, Leo and Frank, for a great cover photo for the News!

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